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Have it installed for as low as $99.99*

*some vehicles may require additional parts & labor

The installation of your BrickHouse Security GPS Tracking Device(s) in your vehicle is as important as the product itself. A properly installed product ensures that it functions correctly, looks good, and gives you tracking in your vehicle(s).

Accredited installers, of GPS system products, will conduct your installation. Our installation professionals will use only approved, standards and procedures in the completion of your installation. We feel so strongly about the expertise of our installers, that we will warranty the labor of your installation with a lifetime labor warranty.

Leave the installation to us.

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We are a leading content, technology, and services company delivering intelligent service solutions. InstallerNet partners with manufacturers, retailers and service providers to bring new products to market through their professional installation services. InstallerNet clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, represent leaders in the automobile aftermarket, consumer electronics, smart home and monitoring, energy management, fleets and insurance telematics markets. InstallerNet delivers fully-managed quality installation services through a vast nationwide network of highly-trained and certified service providers. Similar to a gift-card, our InstallCard allows consumers to schedule services online matching them to qualified top-rated local network Installers.

InstallerNet Installer

Quality and Safety go Hand-In-Hand.

The installation of your GPS Tracking Device is as important as the system itself to ensure it operates optimally. Our nationwide Installers are trained on professionally installing GPS Tracking Devices. Our installation professionals will use only approved, authorized parts and procedures in the completion of your installation. Not only will you receive excellent service and quality installation, our installation labor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

As soon as the Installation has been purchased, you can make scheduling arrangements. Please note that most of the appointments are scheduled between 24 and 48 business hours after installation purchase. Additional time may be required for Saturday appointments as this is the Installers busiest time.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please use this current site by going to the “Installation Service” tab or call 1-800-806-5513 to make your installation purchase arrangement and to schedule the appointment.

Will the Installer call me?

Once you request an appointment, we’ll contact the installer and work to best accommodate your scheduling needs. We’ll then provide you with all your installers contact information so you can confirm your date/ time and make any changes as needed. Your installer may also contact you to do the same.

How long will an Installation take?

The Installation time frame varies due to product location and/or vehicle type. It is always best to ask the installer after the appointment has been scheduled, so that you (and they) are prepared for your scheduled appointment.

Installation Labor Warranty

Each installation performed comes with a nationwide limited lifetime labor warranty. If at any time, the installed product becomes inoperable due to a faulty installation the installer will correct the problem at no charge.

What is InstallerNet’s Installation Cancellation Policy?

For installation purchased directly from InstallerNet, you may cancel at any time for a refund; however, a cancellation fee will be assessed and deducted from your refund based on the following guidelines:

No cancellation fee with be assessed if InstallerNet receives the cancellation request within a 24-hour grace period of sending you notification that an InstallerNet Member has accepted your installation assignment. This notification to you is sent by phone, email, or both.

If the cancellation request is received after the 24-hour grace period, a cancellation fee of $15 per installation will be deducted from your refund.

GPS tracking

Professional Grade Service

A professional installer will install your GPS Tracking System into your car and test functionality. This installation will include mounting of the GPS Module in a stealth location under the drivers dashboard, mounting of the antenna(s) in another discrete location and making proper electrical connections to a constant power source, an ignition power source and ground. Optional connections for starter disable, or other input and output signals may result in additional charges.

Have it installed for

as low as $99.99*

*some vehicles may require additional parts & labor

InstallerNet Installer